Reliable Production Assistance in the Philippines

From Kalinga to Boracay, our production assistance is the best investment for filmmakers. Life may be like a box of chocolates, but the Philippines have the Chocolate Hills. For that and many other photogenic spots, our location manager knows the way. As a fully vetter fixer in the Philippines is the kind of ace you want to have up your sleeve.

When you need additional staff or state-of-the-art gear, we know where to find them. Our crew is available to fill in any vacant positions in your production team. From location scout managers to production assistants, we have the right people. Count on your fixer in the Philippines to cover all your needs. We strive to provide wide-ranging and affordable services across the archipelago.

Filming here is more fun when you work with a passionate fixer in the Philippines. Enjoy our production support, at the best rates across the islands. We are Fixer Philippines, at your service!

Production assistance in the Philippines – Our services

Fixer in the Philippines

Discover the European vibes far away from Europe. Or explore pristine islands in the archipelago. Your concept of filming in the Philippines will flourish with our production assistance. As a local fixer in the Philippines, we know the way to the best local resources.

From gear, crew to locations and formalities, our production assistance covers them all. We are the all-encompassing fixer in the Philippines you were searching for. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes all the services you may need. We provide tailored production assistance, a perfect fit for your budget and needs.

Contact us today and join forces with a knowledgeable fixer in the Philippines.

Film permit in the Philippines

The Philippines are an attractive shooting destination. The government’s new incentive scheme makes it even more inviting for foreign filmmakers. Good news, getting a film permit in the Philippines is a standard process.

Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is the film industry authority. Their latest branch is the FilmPhilippines Office (FPO). FPO makes getting the film permit in the Philippines more efficient and flexible.

Note that there are no city-wide permits for Manila. You need a permit for each location, which takes about three days. A week is necessary for large-impact or aerial shoots. Also, some islands involve governmental clearance for the foreign crew.

We provide support to any foreign film production company. Our production assistance includes helping you get the permits. Learn all about your film permit in the Philippines from our experts.

Convenient Rates on Equipment Rental

Capture the genuine colors of the sand, corals and more with top-notch gear. Enjoy filming in the Philippines with the best camera package rental. And rely on us to get you the best deals. Fixer Philippines is the answer to your equipment rental needs.

Get ready to capture on film the intricate details of the headhunters’ tattoos. Or get plenty of b-roll of the lush green rice terraces. For your production in the Philippines, enjoy our top rates on equipment rental.

Avoid custom restrictions and choose local equipment rental. Trust our team to provide you the camera package rental you need for top production.

Professional Crew for Hire in the Philippines

Shooting is more fun in the Philippines when you have the right production assistance by your side. For all your production needs, we are at your service. Searching for a camera operator or any other film crew for hire in the Philippines? We know where to find the most professional staff across the archipelago.

Good news, Filipino crews are passionate, experienced and hard-working. They speak good English and have flexible, inexpensive rates. Rely on a knowledgeable fixer in the Philippines to put you in contact with the top experts. From crew for hire to location scouting or translation, we only collaborate with the best. Camera operator, photographer, driver, you name it, we find them for you.

For an insightful production, go local. Filming in the Philippines becomes a trend among foreign filmmakers. Local production fixers or crew have plenty of experience with international productions.

Count on Fixer Philippines, for the most reliable crew for hire.

Wide-Ranging Location Scouting in the Philippines

Explore a wide selection of scenic locations, from the colonial era to modern times. Rely on a professional fixer in the Philippines for the best places. UNESCO Sites, natural wonders or skyscrapers? For any kind of production, our location scouting in the Philippines finds a match. Manila’s Intramuros, Kalinga’s rice terraces and more, all are on our radar. Our production assistance brings you closer to success when filming in the Philippines.

Our location scouting in the Philippines helps you discover the ideal setting. For documentaries or commercials, there is a place under the sun for every production.

Partner up with the leading fixer in the Philippines. Capture the uniqueness of each place, with our extensive production assistance.

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Journalist Fixer in the Philippines

Scenic and with a compelling history, the Philippines provide endless inspiration. The welcoming vibe is even more irresistible for filmmakers and journalists. Yet precaution is key when it comes to journalistic activities. The authorities keep the freedom of the press on a rather short leash. So even news reports can be a challenge. Collaborate with a local journalist fixer in the Philippines to work without pressure.

A foreign film production company needs to get a film permit to shoot in the archipelago. Foreign journalists need a Philippine International Press Center Accreditation. Our production assistance can help you go through the fraught formalities. Count on a professional journalist fixer in the Philippines to guide your steps.

The standard procedures apply to journalists or media crews planning news reporting. After getting the appropriate visa, they must undergo accreditation. This involves addressing the International Press Center (IPC) upon or before arrival. Working with a local journalist fixer gives you more freedom. We can arrange your accreditation before your arrival in the Philippines.

As a knowledgeable fixer in the Philippines, we can save you from the hassle of paperwork. Choose our production assistance, for the best results. We are Fixer Philippines, at your service. Get in touch with us and tell us how we can help you.