Filming in the Philippines matches successful video productions. Cast Away, Platoon, The Bourne Legacy or Avengers are only some of the movies proving that. Besides surreal locations, the country has a compelling history. Get to know all the secrets from the top journalist fixers in the Philippines.

Our production assistance covers any kind of local resources. For film permits in the Philippines or top location scouting, we can show you the way. Our partners are local suppliers, scattered across the archipelago.

We are the leading journalist fixers in the Philippines. We bring top resources to filmmakers. Contact us for a better experience when filming in the Philippines.

Access for Filming in the Philippines

Production assistance is the ingredient for successful documentary filming, TV commercials and more. Filming in the Philippines is a walk in the park with our help. Local support from journalist fixers is what allows you to get a more insightful angle on the story.

Filming in the Philippines makes lush islands or bustling urban spots accessible. Partner up with experienced journalist fixers and enjoy top production assistance. We can help you get the visa and government approvals for filming in the Philippines. Crew for hire or other logistical support is also covered. It is more convenient and efficient to rely on local staff when filming in the Philippines. Filipino crews are hard-working, speak good English and usually have relevant experience. Using locally-sourced equipment also saves you time and reduces customs costs.

The Film Philippines Office (FPO) is the authority in charge of the film industry. They make sure foreign productions enjoy fast-tracked formalities. They strive to encourage foreign filmmakers to choose the archipelago as a filming destination. Their new incentive scheme aims to promote the Philippines as a haven for film producers.

When trying to get approvals for filming in the Philippines, rely on our team to help. Providing detailed proof for the production you plan can be time-consuming or confusing. Let us shed some light on what matters.

For local resources and access for filming in the Philippines, count on our team. We are a network of journalist fixers, proficient in production assistance. Contact us for more details about our services.

Getting Film Permits in the Philippines

Getting film permits in the Philippines is not a troublesome process. If you prefer working with less paperwork worry, let our production fixers help. Getting approvals for filming in the Philippines can take from three days to a week.

When you plan on filming in the Philippines, your location matters. While some islands require government clearance, the capital is different. Manila does not issue city-wide permits. So you have to get a permit from the municipality for each location. Arm yourself with patience if your production is large-scale or uses aerial filming. Film permits in the Philippines will take longer to issue in this case.

On average, the process should not take more than a week. Getting your film permits in the Philippines takes an average of a week. For locations in the capital, individual permits get issued in about three days. Based on the number of locations, people involved, the period of shooting, it can last longer. Permits for larger productions take about a week. Keep in mind, there is specific documentation required for any film permit. Get in touch with our journalist fixers to know all the details.

Fixer Philippines is a crew of experienced production fixers. Rely on our expertise when filming in the Philippines.

Tax Rebate in the Philippines

Filming in Philippines

Filming in the Philippines gains more popularity among international filmmakers. The government is currently trying to encourage the film industry development. The new incentive scheme aims to attract more foreign film producers. As a leading fixer for film production, we can help you make the most of all local resources.

The Film Philippines Office is the authority in charge. They are part of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).
They present this recent incentive scheme as allowing a budget stretch. This way, your projects get more possibilities, such as full-feature production, post-production, VFX. Our fixer for documentary can shed some light on the process.

A film production company can apply for one of the incentive programs. These are the Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP) and the International Co-Production Fund (ICOF). There are several conditions for the eligibility of video productions. Only co-productions between a Filipino and a foreign production company count. For more details about the incentives, we are at your service.

Get the best of local resources when filming in the Philippines. Foreign productions get an exemption from the VAT. The Value Added Tax is 12% in the Philippines.

A good Philippines fixer can get you through the tax maze. Trust a professional fixer for film production, trust us.