Choose our location scouting services in the Philippines and discover unique spots. Explore the unbeaten paths, hop through a few of the 7000 islands. Colonial architecture, pristine beaches, buzzing modernity all about filming in the Philippines. A sum of contrasting elements, this archipelago is hard to match. Trust a fully vetted fixer in the Philippines for extensive assistance.

Reveal the secrets of the Spanish colonial era. Roam the seas, UNESCO sites or endless beaches. For documentary or commercial productions, filming in the Philippines is perfect. Ready to capture on film beauty, history, and vitality? For breathtaking places, trust our location scouting services in the Philippines.

Location Scouting in the Philippines – Filming in Manila

location scouting in Manila

Discover a fragment of Europe, far from Europe. And trust a local fixer for documentary to guide your steps through Intramuros. Our location scouting in Manila is what you need to capture the capital’s true essence. Get ready for a back-in-time trip, while your fixer for film production handles the details. Look at Fort Santiago or Manila Cathedral from a different angle.

Capture the traces of the past lingering on the fort and use our location scouting in Manila for a full picture. And rely on us, your fixer for film production, to bring the modern gear and crew. We know this city like the palm of our hand, so count on our location scouting in Manila. Our insightful knowledge as a fixer for documentary is what you need.

Binondo, Intramuros, all the hotspots are on our radar. Count on Fixer Philippines for wide-ranging location scouting in Manila. Contact us for more details!

Location Scouting in the Philippines – Filming in Kalinga

location scouting in Kalinga

Adventure in a world far north, where tattooed headhunters greet you with a smile. Documentary filming in Kalinga is a very rewarding experience. And with the guidance of a professional production coordinator, it gets even better. The photogenic Banaue rice terraces are the highlight of location scouting in Kalinga. But let us show you the treasures off the beaten path.

Discover a world where time passes by, while emerald fields are eternal. Our location scouting in Kalinga reveals plenty of hidden gems, up in the mountains. Define your insightful project with the help of a local production coordinator. Submerge in the life of remote communities, uncover the secrets of their traditions. Bring to light the stories headhunters wear on their body, with your documentary filming in Kalinga. For any border-breaking ideas, rely on us to be the production coordinator you need.

Tell us more about your plans for documentary filming in Kalinga! Count on Fixer Philippines.

Location Scouting in the Philippines – Filming in Boracay

location scouting in Boracay

Get ready to discover all the colors of sand while filming in Boracay. Catch the wave with our support, dive deep into the island’s potential. Location scouting in Boracay is part of our portfolio, so our crew knows the most scenic spots. From Willy’s Rock to Crocodile Island, enjoy the best camera package rental. Explore pristine beaches, bat caves and let us assist you with the film permits in Boracay.

Thirteen white beaches make this number lucky when filming in Boracay. Choose your favorite spot and settle in. Our local suppliers will make sure you get the best camera package rental deals. With our location scouting in Boracay, you will make the most of the endless white-sand beaches. Visionary productions know no limits. So make sure your creativity is not refrained by paperwork. We can help with film permits in Boracay and neighbor islands.

Drop us a message and enjoy top location scouting in Boracay.

Location Scouting in the Philippines – Filming in Luzon

location scouting in Luzon

Combine enormous mountains, stunning beaches, and rich history. The Philippines’s largest island, Luzon is contrasting, yet charming. With the help of a local journalist fixer, get to know more about the history of the island. Our location scouting in Luzon brings to light scenic, less crowded or buzzing spots. We make sure your crew includes an experienced local camera operator if you are short of staff. Fixer Philippines has the answer to all your production questions.

Extensive location scouting in Luzon is how you explore the most unique places. Uncover the story of the hanging coffins. And do not stay hanging, waiting for your film permit. With our expertise as a journalist fixer, you get efficient, affordable production services.

Take filming to a whole new level with our support, including location scouting in Luzon. Have a reliable camera operator in your team and go hunting for stories and great shots.

Trust Fixer Philippines with your upcoming production.