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Fixer Philippines provides extensive support so you can enjoy the shooting more. If choosing one of the 7,000 islands of the archipelago, we offer top location scouting. For equipment rental and more, count on us when filming in the Philippines.

You know by now the saying “it’s more fun in the Philippines”. When it comes to the film industry, the saying applies, as long as you have a reliable fixer by your side. For filming in the Philippines, rely on our team. Our expertise as a journalist fixer is what you need. Contact us today.

Why choose Fixer Philippines?

While filming in the Philippines, you can for sure find your place under the sun. Count on our production assistance so you run into sand only while at the beach. From the rice terraces to the White Beach, we are the leading fixer in the Philippines. Fixer Philippines is part of Storytailors video production company with a worldwide presence in over 40 countries. If you want to know more about our global network of media professionals, visit this page.

As a top support provider, we can help you have a genuine experience while filming in the Philippines. Submerge in the local culture, track down the historical Spanish influence. For documentary filming or TV commercials, Fixer Philippines is at your service. We adapt to any production needs and budgets. Filming in the Philippines can be exhilarating and we strive to make it that way. Our production assistance is the main ingredient for that. We know where and how to get everything you need for filming in the Philippines.

Access to the best local resources with Fixer Philippines

Rely on us to get the best deals for you. Many filmmakers and journalists recommend us as a reliable fixer in the Philippines. Our work and skills are what you hoped for. And our rates are to dive for. Our nationwide collaborators can provide great services for great deals. Get access to top local resources with the help of Fixer Philippines.

A world of possibilities makes it even harder to choose. Finding the best fixer in the Philippines may seem like searching for a needle in the haystack. Explore any of the 7,000 islands with ease, with our location scouting. Fixer Philippines is the crew of media experts you always hoped to find.

Our main goal is to provide local filming resources accessible and affordable. Count on our production assistance for the best results. Our wide range of services is everything you need and deserve. Discover more about the production and fixer services we provide here. 

Get in touch and tell us how we can help improve your plan of filming in the Philippines.

Filming in the Philippines with Us

A mix of colonial history, vibrant island life, modern and traditional blending. Open your lens to a world of thousands of beauties. When filming in the Philippines, allow yourself to feel inspired. Capture the true colors of this vast archipelago with the help of the Fixer Philippines. Explore locations worthy of top-chart Hollywood productions. And let an experienced journalist fixer guide you through the paperwork. Get your film permit, equipment, and crew for the best rates. When filming in the Philippines, enjoy great services that do not sink your budget. Learn more about the filming conditions in the Philippines here.

Our production support covers services adapted for large scale or small-sized productions. So feel free to trust Fixer Philippines for handling the details, at a convenient cost. Our network of collaborators covers large regions. This way, you have every resource, wherever you are filming in the Philippines. Get ready to capture on film raw beauty or shocking traces of war. Count on Fixer Philippines to get the film permit, best gear or find extra staff. Any formality feels less nerve-racking with the help of a knowledgeable journalist fixer. Filming in the Philippines will resemble a walk through the rice fields.

Fixer Philippines

Flexible rates & reliable services with Fixer Philippines

Our mission is to provide foreign filmmakers and journalists with adequate local resources. Equipment rental, translation, location scouting, are all included. For filming in the Philippines, we offer customized services, tailored to your budget. If a journalist fixer is what you need, count on us for top support. We can provide convenient deals on crew for hire or gear rental. Our portfolio also includes translation, guidance for the film permit an, of course, location scouting. Check out our top for the best filming locations in the Philippines.

Let us give you a sample of our work. We can offer primary research and consultation services, at no cost. Once you put our skills to the trial, we are sure you will choose Fixer Philippines for your production.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

General research, fact checking, access, logistics

TV commercials

Locations, logistics and crew sourcing through local partners.

General production assistance

Our Philippines production fixers act as a one-stop-shop for any requirements.

Film production

Affordable options for documentary producers & filmmakers.

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Local kit hire & crew sourcing all around Philippines.

Location scouting & permits

Our fixers can sort location permits and gain access to places throughout the country.

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